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In Young Adult’s Own Words:

Coach I was just thinking about you the other day, I was volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and I was sharing with the kids the true meaning of P.E. “positive enthusiasm”. I hope you’re having a great summer as well!


Coach, it was a pleasure to learn from you and you’ve made a dramatic change in my life. You are an excellent person and I hope the rest of your life goes as planned. God bless you and take care.



Hey Coach!

I just wanted to say thanks for everything. Job hunting and living in some terrible places and neighborhoods can really get a guy down. Also, deciding to completely change my path in life after college was tough.
But I really took, not only the exercises you taught us, but the attitude you showed us to heart. After pushing through some pretty crazy and hard times, I’m now out in San Francisco doing a job I love!


“To the man who is changing the world one class at a time”…


Hey Coach, Thank you so much for looking into that for me. That was very nice of you. I know you are probably busy as is! I am really excited about the class and am looking forward to it. Your classes were always so positive, thoughtful, and motivating. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to take your class. It really made a difference in my life. I cannot wait for fall!


I just want to thank you once again for allowing me to take your class last session. I hope to be as good of a teacher as you are. Thanks to your help I received the Teaching Position that I applied for this summer. I will be teaching Wellness/P.E. and the Head Coach at Smithville High School. I can’t tell you how much your kind words meant COACH. Thanks for everything.


Doing a body sculpting class twice a week, Zumba, and prep for my 5K in October. I’m so excited and PUMPED! To not bore you with the science of how your body needs exercise, Ill just cut to the chase and say that I am in such a better mood when I stay active. Your body needs it, not only to stay fit, but to complete certain hormonal processes that just so happen to lead to one having a more energetic and positive mood. This schedule might be hard, but I will stick to it and stay Positive. One of the greatest teachers at MTSU, Joe Malone, is an amazing inspiration to always do everything in life with a positive outlook, because at the very least, the outcome is already set up to be better. BE POSITIVE. ITS THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE, REALLY LIVE.


Hey Coach!
How are you doing? I was part of the Chupacabras back in the fall of 2011. I am still living a positive lifestyle, staying active, and eating healthy. I mean I still have those days, but overall, everything you taught me has affected my life in the best ways possible. Thank You.


Hey coach! Just wanted to say that WPC is really helping me make healthy decisions! I wanted a bag of chips today, but thought about what you said, and bought an apple instead! Also, I’ve started reading labels and being conscious of what I’m putting in my body! Ready to get my work out on today! Thanks Coach!


Just wanted to let you know that your class helped me a lot in understanding fitness in general, and you were very encouraging. We wish you a great Xmas coach. If you ever come this way (Lima-Peru) let us know, so we can show you around and have you for dinner.

Have a great day coach.


Coach was the BEST professor I had in college! I still share his sayings with my clients and friends like “nothing great was ever achieved without enthuuuusiasm!” Everyone should join this group and take his class! He is awesome!!