Meet The Family

U Life Prep is a Malone family-based nonprofit initiative. Each staff member brings a special set of background experiences and natural gifts to the workshops. In combination or separately our mission is to positively impact the mindsets of young adults.


Dr. Joe Malone specializes in promoting healthy relationships among young adults in general and college students in particular. A special area of emphasis for him is a customized, evidence-based approach whose goal is the optimal overall relational wellness of both college women and college men.  He holds a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance with a minor in neuropsychology and a specialization in relational wellness. He has also earned national certifications as a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant and Fitness Educator. He is the former Chair of the Nashville Community Health and Wellness Team and the current Topic Network Chair for Health Promotion for the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood For much of the past 20 years Dr. Malone has worked with emerging adults first as a personal trainer and then college professor and health coach. He has learned through both research and personal experience with hundreds of emerging adults of the challenges and opportunities that they face at this crucial and pivotal time in their lives. Dr. Malone shares important knowledge and insights on keys to successful living from brain science and social psychology using fun and engaging coaching techniques. He also draws from his life experiences as a former model, Division I college football player and coach, celebrity trainer, elected official, husband and father. His goal is to increase the health and overall well-being of the emerging adults he is honored to be able to interact with. Dr. Malone hopes to work with the leaders of tomorrow to create a better tomorrow.




Deana Malone Flint is a certified personal trainer and certified dance fitness instructor and has over a decade of experience. Deana is also a former professional cheerleader. She has worked with her father on many health promotions with emerging adults. Deana has proven very helpful and approachable to the college women who are not that much younger than she. Ms. Flint enjoys working with them and can give them advice on the life stage that they are about to enter from someone who has just recently traveled that road herself.

Deana also works in the health care field as a Dental Assistant and is married to Colby Flint. They have two sons Reade and Riley. The family resides in Spring Hill Tennessee where Colby serves as a firefighter and EMT.



Jody Lynn Malone is a Personal Chef and a published Scrapbooker and Altered Artist.

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She is also a signed recording artist known as Jody Lynn follow her on Facbook and Twitter.

Jody Lynn has given cooking lessons to sorority women in the past and has enjoyed her interactions with them very much. She makes her kitchen teachings fun and engaging and believes in having the young women take an active part in the meal preparation.


Sarah Harris is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist that has been in practice for 5 years and is the founder of Simpletic Nutrition (link to website, a service company specializing in coaching working individuals through simplified approaches to healthy eating. Sarah began working with the Malone family in 2008 to assist in hosting presentations and furthering the cause of educating and empowering young adults about health related issues.

Sarah is a runner, pianist and avid meal prepper who resides in Nashville with her husband and two sons. 

Click here (link to facebook page to check out quick and easy meal prep ideas from Sarah.

Sarah Harris, MS, RDN
The Nutritionist with a Minimalist Twist 
Health Coach, Writer & Speaker
Founder, Simpletic Nutrition
Phone: (901) 237-0383