It’s Shape Not Weight!

The leading physical indicator of good health and an attractive appearance is your body’s ratio of fat to muscle. As a fitness professional, I find that this fitness concept is both the most important and difficult to teach. I see many people grow frustrated enough to abandon exercise programs because the scale isn’t showing “enough” weight-loss, even as their waists shrink and their clothes begin to fit better. I believe that for you to develop the self-worth to achieve lasting fitness goals, it all starts with a new understanding of what it means to be “in shape.” And that understanding isn’t found on the readout of a scale.

Let’s begin by calculating your figure. Using a flexible measuring tape, measure around your waist at its thinnest point (just above the navel) and around your hips at their broadest point. Dividing the hip measurement into the waist measurement determines your waist to hip ratio. A proportion of around 0.7  for premenopausal women is a healthy long-term goal. So put that scale in the closet and forget about it for a while. It’s time to start working on your figure.


“Knowledge is power!”
–Sir Francis Bacon




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